What are you playing?

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I am the UKs foremost Belleplate soloist. Belleplates are a modern British invention providing innovation to the centuries old Handbell instrument family. Each plate is tuned to an individual note. I lay these out on my 8ft long foam topped table, or hang them looped together. When on the table, I play each plate in turn, moving up and down the set; think of it as having all piano keys layed out and needing to play each key in turn with alternate hands, however the keys can move around! I use this to my advantage by moving the Belleplates to the ideal position to smoothly move between them, producing a beautiful legato sound.

Light weight and durable, Belleplates produce a more subtle sound without any extraneous noises. This is due to their unique design meaning the only thing that moves is the clapper ball into the plate. Each plate is made out of a single piece of engineering grade Aluminium alloy plate. This means that even the heaviest plate is lighter that the smallest handbell, allowing me to move much faster and cleaner than a soloist can on a standard set of handbells.

I currently perform on up to 50 individual Belleplates covering a 3 and a half octave range. To see more about this instrument please either see my videos or visit the manufacturers site at www.Belleplates.com.